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About Miranda Belcher

Miranda is a self-motivated professional writer with a passion for content marketing. She specializes in the creation of compelling and engaging copy to drive customer acquisition and sales conversions. Miranda is also an experienced entrepreneur who understands the needs of growing businesses, having managed her husband’s landscaping business for several years before venturing into a career as a copywriter and content marketer. And if that doesn’t impress you, she’s also fluent in both Spanish and English and holds an Associate Degree in Nursing with six years hospital experience. Miranda’s positive, ”get it done” attitude combined with her charismatic personality makes her a uniquely valuable team member dedicated to the success of our clients.

Google App Indexing: SEO Considerations and Simple How-to

This image shows how a mobile app appears in search results. Courtesy of HiMumSaidDad. Google is now indexing content from mobile apps. This means that the "spiders" and "crawlers" Google sends out to index all internet content, will now be crawling applications. Pages from mobile apps will now come up in mobile search

B2B Link Building and Public Relations Strategy

Every business can and should be making active strides in public relations (PR). Public relations is all about amplifying your message by getting featured in other publications which will further boost your online reputation. The four main goals of public relations tactics are: Getting featured in the local news Getting featured on a popular blog

How Small Businesses Win Tradeshows

Tradeshows offer unlimited benefits to market your product, service or business and grow your network. Even though the online world of advertising has taken over as a major source of lead acquisition and making new contacts - the impact of trade shows remains a cornerstone for expanding your reach and creating brand awareness. The main benefit

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Why Email Marketing is Still King

Any honest online marketer will tell you that email marketing is still the cornerstone of an effective campaign and for many reasons. Most notably? Amazing return on investment (ROI). That’s right, the ROI potential for email marketing is tremendous considering the fact that is costs basically nothing to send the emails.

By |December 22nd, 2015|Categories: Email Marketing|2 Comments