5 Small to Mid-size Businesses with Buzz-Worthy eCommerce Website Designs

A professional-looking and functioning web design is always important, but when it comes to eCommerce websites – it’s an absolute must. The quality of the website will create a perception of trust. When a site is poorly built, users lack faith in the validity of the site and don’t trust it enough to input their

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10 Houston Small Businesses with Knockout Website Designs

Web design is one of the most crucial factors that needs to be properly executed in order to create a winning digital brand for your business. If your website fails – visitors will run from your site faster than they would a plague.

We set out on a mission to pick some small businesses in Houston

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Business Showcase: H&O Investments’ Operations Solution


At Crocodile Digital, we love nothing more than helping small businesses make their BIG dreams a reality by maximizing their available marketing budget to produce the greatest results. We recently had the pleasure of working with an established lawn maintenance and landscaping business based in Louisiana – H&O Investments, in the creation of a complete digital

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Award-Worthy Website Designs from 2015

Creating movement. Capturing attention. Engaging audience. These are the goals of any successful website and 2015 was a year that proved to the marketing world that the best web designs are those with a compelling and dynamic user experience.

Arguably, the best user interactions are those that end with a conversion, which is why this past

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Five Houston Companies that Freakin’ Rock at Online Marketing

You’ve poured your time, money, blood, sweat, and tears into building your business. But now you’ve made it. Why not optimize your operations processes and marketing strategies to make things a little easier?

5 Companies That Are Capitalizing on Population Growth in Baton Rouge, LA

Unlike many parts of the United States, Baton Rouge Louisiana is proudly home to a growing economy that is driving more people to fill the area and call the “capital city” home. According to a study released by the Baton Rouge Area Chamber (BRAC) in September of this year, 1,400 new jobs are expected to

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Facebook Marketing Hacks – Get the Most ROI from Facebook Ads

Some marketers will swear that Facebook ad campaigns are dead and no longer worth your time or investment. These rumors are wrong. Dead wrong.

According to KISSmetrics, Facebook is expected to generate $4 billion in revenue this year from advertising alone. Obviously people are getting results if they’re spending this much on ads.

Besides, the average American

Rock Your Blog, Not the Boat – 7 Simple Blog Writing Tips

Some things in business require careful planning, execution, evaluation, and ongoing strategy in order to succeed. Blogging is one of those things. Adding a blogging strategy to your digital media marketing mix is a big deal; it must be done correctly, but doesn’t need to be feared. Going into a content publishing strategy haphazardly or

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The Secret to Viral Video Marketing

The power of a viral video to explode all over social media sites is one of the most coveted marketing tactics that all businesses wish to achieve. With viral video marketing, overnight any business can go from a nameless entity to a household name when their video goes viral. The importance of video marketing is on

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How to Supercharge Your LinkedIn Ad Campaigns

Is your company a B2B business? Then you should know that a LinkedIn ad has a greater Return on Investment (ROI) than other social media site ads. Why do we say that? LinkedIn ads generate a click-through-rate (CTR) of 0.025 percent on average, according to Kissmetrics. However, when you create precisely targeted ads that have