Mobile Apps: How to Upgrade Your Customer Loyalty

Emerging as the next marketing super tool, mobile app use is growing alongside the rapidly developing world of mobile commerce (mCommerce). The average consumer spends 127 minutes in mobile applications a day, responding to emails, browsing Facebook, and searching for places nearby (Streetfight 2013 Hyperlocal). In fact, app usage on mobile devices is overpowering browsing activity

9 Ways to Tap into the Power of Mobile Advertising

One minute you’re scrolling along your Facebook news feed from your mobile phone, next thing you know those adorable shoes you have been wanting forever pop up along the side of your page. Next thing you know, you’re on another website and only clicks away from owning yet another pair of shoes. That’s the power

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Google’s Mobile SEO “Mobilegeddon” – Don’t Get Left Behind

Remember “Carmageddon” in Los Angeles? Or what about “Snowmageddon” every time there’s a big snowstorm on the East Coast? American culture has a way of making an apocalyptic deal out of situations that are impactful, but not as dire as they seem. This is the case with the newest mobile-friendly changes Google is making to

Get Pumped Up About Mobile Marketing In 2015

It’s a new year, a new day, and it’s time to get pumped up about what’s new in mobile for 2015! Why get pumped about mobile marketing? Well, mobile technology is a marketer’s dream and a marketplace game changer. It’s hard not to get excited about something like that! When you see the infographic and