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About Miranda Belcher

Miranda is a self-motivated professional writer with a passion for content marketing. She specializes in the creation of compelling and engaging copy to drive customer acquisition and sales conversions. Miranda is also an experienced entrepreneur who understands the needs of growing businesses, having managed her husband’s landscaping business for several years before venturing into a career as a copywriter and content marketer. And if that doesn’t impress you, she’s also fluent in both Spanish and English and holds an Associate Degree in Nursing with six years hospital experience. Miranda’s positive, ”get it done” attitude combined with her charismatic personality makes her a uniquely valuable team member dedicated to the success of our clients.

Mobile Apps: How to Upgrade Your Customer Loyalty

Emerging as the next marketing super tool, mobile app use is growing alongside the rapidly developing world of mobile commerce (mCommerce). The average consumer spends 127 minutes in mobile applications a day, responding to emails, browsing Facebook, and searching for places nearby (Streetfight 2013 Hyperlocal). In fact, app usage on mobile devices is overpowering browsing activity

Rocking Your Online Reputation: How to Get Positive Reviews (and Manage Negative Ones)

It's not difficult to hit up Google to find reviews and comments about products and services, including reivews and opinions about your business. When customers review a business, that information often shows up with your website in searches. That means it's readily accessible to researching customers, and for many businesses, it's the first impression of